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Cassandra offers a range of readings and reports, including psychic tarot readings, astrology readings and reports, as well as combined tarot and astrology readings.

You can see Cassandra in person at her Reading Room in Bellerive, Hobart (minimum 1 hour sessions) or online (via zoom, skype or telephone).

You can book and pay securely  via credit card or PayPal for your consultation by clicking the buttons below or by contacting Cassandra if you prefer to pay on the day.


Psychic Tarot Reading

60 Minute Session (in-person or online)
Cost: $140
30 Minute Session (online only) 
Cost: $80

Astrology Reading

60 Minute Session + Report
Cost: $150  
During this reading, Cassandra will look at your chart and give you insights into your life.

Astrology & Tarot Reading

90 Minute Session + Report
 Cost: $200  
A "deep dive" into your life. Cassandra will use her  expertise to give you a personalized and in-depth reading that will help you understand your life journey and empower you to move forward toward the life you desire.

Her psychic tarot reading will provide immediate solutions and insight into your current situation and what lies ahead. For your Astrology reading, Cassandra will look at your major life themes and issues, behavior patterns, and spiritual journey.

Astrology Reports

You can order the following reports: Natal, Solar Return and Child Astrology  
Cost: $25

The report will be sent as a PDF sent via email.  

Order your report by clicking on the button below.  

Please use our Contact form to provide us with your name (name on the chart), date and place of birth, time of birth (if known, or the chart will be cast for 12 noon).

Biz Astrology & Tarot Reading

90 Minute Session + Report (online only)
Cost: $220

A 90 minute combined Astrology & Card Reading exploring your life and business goals.

Discover your unique qualities and your soul’s purpose and how to match your business
to your soul’s journey to self-fulfillment and growth.
An Astrology and Tarot 12-month forecast for you.

Gift Certificates

You can now purchase gift certificates for Psychic Card Readings directly by clicking the link below.

 You will be given a code that is shown on the web page and sent via email to you straight away.  

You can use the code to redeem immediately using the quick link provided or redeem it later.